The Covid Addiction Phenomenon

Because what will we do when it’s over

Laurie Livingston Nave


Photo by Diego San on Unsplash

My husband and I had Covid pretty early on. That adventure in itself was quite a story. Especially the part where a stranger was way more worried about who I might have infected than the fact that I couldn’t breathe. Yeah, she was a real peach. I should have known then…but I digress.

Now it’s over 18 months later. I am vaxxed and boosted, I follow my employer's guidelines for masking indoors except when I am alone in my office. I wash my hands…a lot, and sanitizer is always at hand. When my sibling found out he had been exposed 4 days before our family Christmas, I understood the wisdom of canceling the plans. And I have never been to the Qanon website.

All that is to say I am not running around naked spitting on people. I get it. I’ve done the work.

However, in a somewhat recent conversation, I observed a strange phenomenon. I thought maybe it was just a bad day or an isolated incident. However, it has become more pervasive as of late, and I am wondering if a new epidemic is emerging as a result of the two years of two weeks to flatten the curve.

I call it Covid addiction.

If you objectively read the studies done concerning the Omicron variant, it was very clear from the beginning that Omicron was less severe than either OG Covid or Delta. Yes, it was more contagious, but for 99+% of the population, the symptoms were less severe. This is was as much of a truth as any real science can be, since real science is always questioning and refining. So I made a remark about this, assuming it would be a source of relief.

It was not.

At all.

The idea that Omicron might not be the newest end of the world as we know it was offensive. The suggestion that we might all be okay was quickly shut down because didn’t I know that this is horrible and people are dying and we can never let our guard down ever????

A little while later, I reported that the hospital numbers where I live were much much lower, and perhaps things were getting better.

How dare I!

Hadn’t I been watching the numbers? Didn’t I know how many cases there were in the state just…



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